Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Last night we had a Nic Nac nite with all the girls from church, the fellowship we have in our church I feel is amazing, as i can be myself and express how i'm feeling and they won't judge me. i just felt God squeezing the women together more tightly, as sometimes as women we shut off as we feel no one understands but last night God made me realise with somethings I'm going through, that I'm not alone, other people are also going throught the same stuff... or most people have already through it on their journey. As a wise friend of mime said 'let's take off the fake bake,' look good naked' with God and one another... I wanna be the real me God created me to be. I'm working along with God by dealing with some stuff from my past, from now which is not really easy but when you can be yourself and trust God, i just feel like im not doing it alone.