Friday, 27 March 2009


This morning i got up singing the song 'i'll wait upon the lord' and i could not get it out of me head from the moment i got up. i felt God was tellin me to wait on him and not to rush ahead in my own time.

Thursday, 26 March 2009


today watching american idol i realised that we should not let anything stand in the way of our dreams. one man on the show, who was incrediably talented was blind, he played the piano, he connect with the audience as we could feel his passion. sometimes we let the devil creep in when we are off guard and he begins to put doubt in our minds. in the book im reading, battlefield of the mind, it says satan works hard to try and get us to abort our dreams and he uses undoubt and another is unbelief. it says dont make decisions on how we feel but to check with our spirit. when the devil comes knocking we are to believe our spirit, and tighten the belt of the truth. it also says to dig in both your heels, set your face like flint and be determined in the holy spirit to stay out of the boat, praise God. sometimes my mind says, you could never do that, why even bother or im i sure thats true, and we only want to dip our feet into it because we are unsure but lets the devils work as he does not want us to get spiritually connect with God. its so hard as we as humans like things in boxes and when the spirit throws us off on another direction we cant understand so all we can do is trust...
I've lived most of my life in doubt saying, how can i do that, i would love to but i cant but with God all things are possible, he makes you realise your dreams are possible.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


my spirit is beginning to grow
i just cant control
the sparks flying
around me form
head to toe.

The joy inside
is so alive
even though me mind sometimes says No.
I have to say i owe Praise
to theee above
Let's enjoy God's love...

God showed me today the importance of watching what comes out of your mouth as just before i was about to say something, that would of got me in to trouble i was stopped in my tracks.. Thank you God...

“He who guards his mouth keeps his life, but he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin."

Ive learned that to get through tough times its better to speak positive and then we beable to see time going quickly through them...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Along with God

God wants us to work with him, he wants us to do the groundwork which he'll honour and then work with us... i think that is so good as we are not saying right God sort out everything, we have to be motivated to do some work also....


“The one enthroned in heaven laughs”

our church is a place for joy, laughter, smiles, fun and it was not until I came to word of faith that I realized, God wants us to laugh, smile and enjoy ourselves… that quote makes me laugh as God prob laughs at our jokes and the way we behave sometimes, if God created it, why aren’t we doing it in his church. This is one of the reason I wanted to come to word of faith as when came in for the first time, people were telling jokes, laughing and smiling wereas my previous experience from catholic churches, I feel that it is sad and gloomy. God loves a good laugh also so lets laugh with him... its so good that we can be ourselves in such a special place with God.

A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones

i think this quote is brill ooo and its for Nichola, His yoke is easy and his burden is light. so any thing that is getting us down or making us have a frown is not from God. Lighten up, we are not perfect and God knows that, but he loves us anyway... let laughter consume you.. believe me if you come to our church you'll get some laughs...

Monday, 23 March 2009


Ampllified bible, zeal for God's house has completely eaten me up. Zeal is a God Breathed source of supply that will get you out of bed even when you don't feel like it.

During work today God was making me think about our we a spectator or a participater, it just came back to me there while reading someone's story. Do we just want to specatate what is happening in our lives, churches, or are we people with drive, determination and we want to get involve even though our flesh says something else.

i think this sayin is so good as we always give are own view on things. even if we don't feel like it but its what God wants that comes first.

God doesn't want your opinion, he wants your co-operation...


I just started reading a wee book consumed or consumer... i totally love the meaning the author give to consumed, to be fully absorded: to be devoured completely: to be eaten up; for you to disapear because you have been swallowed up by something bigger. But that bigger is a zillion times bigger, bigger than we can even imagine. i love that cos if we are consumed we can let that God be the one in charge of everything. an example of consuming a glass of water, although the glass of water is still in you, so you cant separate it as its inside you, its the same as being consumed by the house of God we cant sepearate the two. we begin to think more about what God wants and become involved in his bigger picture as he has the pieces already in place for when we are ready. We don't think of what are flesh is telling us, i cant wait as God has beginnig to get me involved in the picture of God's house and i cant wait. i want to be consumed and get involved in God's work even though i may be afraid of somethings but God is with us, as he has a plan for us. God has been teaching me the importance of listening. Sometimes im too busy trying to tell God what i want but it says God knows everythin, so why are we tryin to tell him somethin he already knows, in this wee book it says, we should approach with a listening ear and a guarded mouth. When God wakes me in the middle of the nite i feel ooo i have to pray so i go through a couple of people i feel needs pray but the other nite i just listened and maybe thats why God wakens me to tell me stuff and im not listenin. they is so much importance of listening, im starting in baby steps...

" watch your step when you enter God's house. enter to learn. thats far better than mindlessly offering a sacifice, doing more harm than good. dont shoot off your mouth or speak before you think. dont be too quick to tell God what you think he wants to hear. God's in charge, not you- the less you speak, the better."


Sunday, 22 March 2009

Kindred Spirits

I went to dave and Nichola's there and oo im God, i felt the spirit of God so much i did not know what to do, Nic said i just smiled away. i cant stop smiling...:)... im so excited about what God has in plan for me... I looked up kindered spirits and saw this wee poem.. im not too sure what some parts mean but i like the message, have a read..

Kindred Spirits

"And On the winged, booted feet
of Mercury's, quick"
We are here and we are gone,
souls cast out and ripped
from the shadows we live in and call all our own,
to the heavens, the four winds,
through the mists we are blown.

Soul Dancers, prancing,
adrift on the mists.

As they and the four winds collide
and are kissed,
Becoming one.
Like we Kindred Spirits
once were,
one soul and one sun.
Yes swept there
and kept there,
In God's mists of Azure.

Through the blankets of time,
swept across all our skies,
Kindred Spirits adrift,
see their souls meet and fly.
And their born of a spirit
that none can see,
But it's felt in the shadows,
and flows to the seas.
And it sees and it knows,
though the mists meet and rise,
Kindred Spirits are breathing
their life to the skies.
And none shall deny
their souls as they fly,
or another's great spirit
when they've looked in their eyes.
And seen the center of God
in their hearts and their hands,
they've met for a moment,
then they're gone,
yet, it stands.
That they understood
in those slivers of time,
that the knowledge they knew,
they spoke to and flew,
was another piece of themselves gone
and yet, given to you.

We live alone
and we die alone
and if somewhere in between,
we find we have spoken,
we've touched or we've seen,
another one like us,
who's been where we've been,
it's the most blessed of feelings,
to Have taken them in.
For, our aloneness is broken,
its knelt,
Been Replaced,
by the sharing of one to another,
It's felt.
It's Embraced!
As the love emptying out,
pouring out of us finds,
we've been blessed by
the Father with hope,
sweet peace of mind.

For to be given a soul with whom you can share,
all your innermost secrets,
the scars we all bare,
is a gift like no other,
A treasure so great,
it can redeem and recover,
our heartache,
Our fate.

It is the sweetest blessing of this breathing Lung,
To have shared for sweet moments,
this time under the sun.
Where Kindred Spirits were allowed to meet,
feel and greet.
Spilling into each other,
their love,
their souls deep and sweet.

Kindred Spirits,
Kindred Spirits,
Adrift in the winds,
scattered through time,
We see, We begin.

And So, the love and the wonder,
we hold for this time,
will fill us with its Magic
from time to time.
Spreading its blanket,
of sweet peace, our love,
Like a warm cup of Kindness,
Spilt down from above.

Yes, we are Kindred Spirits,
and that's all I know,
Of God in His Heaven,
and times Long Ago!

Kindred Spirits,
I promise that I shan't forget,
this sliver in time,
your souls that I've met.
For they are etched now in mine
and shall ever be,
The deepest of depths,
these pieces of thee.
These pieces you've shared,
and given to Me.
As I've shared mine too
and given to thee.

Sketched , Interwoven,
my tapestry's done.
Kindred Spirits once drifting,
now, tethered,
as One.

May 16, 1999
Linda A. Copp