Saturday, 2 May 2009


Last nite when i got home from Bluetree charity, i was still buzzing with a sore throat. God's presence's and love in that room while we worshiped could of knocked down walls... Sometimes we don't want to think about charity's which challenge us as i know years ago when i heard of child exploitation i was like ' don't want to know' but when they told us how it was, what if all of us said that it was too disturbing for us to know, then nothing would get done... Nothing is too big for God but we need to work hand in hand with him... As the children are our future and sometimes i learn most things from kids... I am a child of God, just think how much hurt God is seeing his children be esploitation.

God has made me realise that we need to help the children that we know, so im really looking forward till the youth alpha course...
this trees roots are planted firmly, you can see that the wind is swinging it but its not going anywere... brillant...

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