Saturday, 13 June 2009

home alone

Today im home alone as David is away with Dave getting his car in Newcastle, I never really liked being along but from I got saved I have become to like it alot more has i know im not alone. I've been doing some reading and i never realised just how much information the bible as, its amazing, im enjoying it so much, i really should read more of it thou.. God is helping me make big steps at the moment even though i walk one step first and fall back by two, its a working progress... Im going to be honest i suffer with bad mood swings, well not really mood swings, really bad tempers and one word can set me off, i know God does not want me to live like this though and i don't either... I wanna leave the old me behind and embrace on the me God has been wanting me to get intouch with. Sometimes I cant see the change in me from when i became a christian but listening to Joyce, she has made me realise that i actually have but sometimes the devil underminds us...

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