Monday, 23 March 2009


I just started reading a wee book consumed or consumer... i totally love the meaning the author give to consumed, to be fully absorded: to be devoured completely: to be eaten up; for you to disapear because you have been swallowed up by something bigger. But that bigger is a zillion times bigger, bigger than we can even imagine. i love that cos if we are consumed we can let that God be the one in charge of everything. an example of consuming a glass of water, although the glass of water is still in you, so you cant separate it as its inside you, its the same as being consumed by the house of God we cant sepearate the two. we begin to think more about what God wants and become involved in his bigger picture as he has the pieces already in place for when we are ready. We don't think of what are flesh is telling us, i cant wait as God has beginnig to get me involved in the picture of God's house and i cant wait. i want to be consumed and get involved in God's work even though i may be afraid of somethings but God is with us, as he has a plan for us. God has been teaching me the importance of listening. Sometimes im too busy trying to tell God what i want but it says God knows everythin, so why are we tryin to tell him somethin he already knows, in this wee book it says, we should approach with a listening ear and a guarded mouth. When God wakes me in the middle of the nite i feel ooo i have to pray so i go through a couple of people i feel needs pray but the other nite i just listened and maybe thats why God wakens me to tell me stuff and im not listenin. they is so much importance of listening, im starting in baby steps...

" watch your step when you enter God's house. enter to learn. thats far better than mindlessly offering a sacifice, doing more harm than good. dont shoot off your mouth or speak before you think. dont be too quick to tell God what you think he wants to hear. God's in charge, not you- the less you speak, the better."


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  1. That book really changed me and I know it will help you grow even more X