Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Im just back from me lovely holiday away and God speak to me so much i had to write it while reading my book in the apartment, as thats all i every do is read... as soon as David turned on the tv, going gets tough came on, it was such a key song as im worried about moving house and getting a new job, i read one thing which said have confidence in the lord, this is one way our confidences growes through our strength in him, believe come before achieve. Now i am back home i got to rejections letters from jobs but its ok as i know God has his plan for me..

i script which pop to me mind, i think goes something like likes, fear not, for i will never leave nor forsake you... thats just brill... it may be written wrong...

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  1. Hey girl - don't forget those letters are absolutely no reflection on the beautiful, talented person you are!!! The better to come xxx Soooo good to have ya home!