Friday, 10 April 2009

While i was praying last night I just felt overwhelmed with joy and love. i was also really humble as Jesus died for our sins and i was trying to imagine if someone i know close to me died to save me and sometimes we take it for granted. I had no words to say but all praise and glory is his.

Im getting excited about the youth in the church at the moment while ive been praying. i know it will be such a challenge but i want to be bold and not just sit on the line and bobble along and not really get anywhere. People showed me that they cared for me and that i did count, i'm sure that there is some children out there that just need people to be there and show that some one cares. No one cares more than God alone. I want to thank the people who have taught me things and made me realise that we can make a difference...:)

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