Sunday, 21 June 2009


Yesturday we went to Craigavon lakes to a Hope concert. The concert was amazing but what really struck with me was the way the youth were right up the front and did not care about anyone else. I loved this at it showed me that the youth is growing, yes in our church but also throughout Ireland as they wont afraid of shouting, dancing, praising God... The presence of God was brillant he knows when to show up, when i got home i thought i was drunk on the holy spirit., im still buzzing today, even though me legs are sore but that wont stope me from worshiping today.. Yesturday i met two wee new dance partners, two wee kids, God blessed me so much through these two, so much energy, happy, joyful, loved them too.. I've been having some trouble with what God wants me to do with my life and i felt God saying this is your call, work with kids and i know he has the timing in his kids... im getting excited for us as a church, for my marriage with david, everything of what God is doing and planning...

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