Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Hey, im just back from a very productive prayer time with some people from me church, its such a good time for us at church as i feel that God is calling us to walk together as a group, hundle in together, now some people are longer saved than others but that really inspires me as i see what God has done for them in their lives and im just looking for more of God in my life... I can be honest, as its me own blog which i will prob read one day over and see my journey, i was feeling 'right God give me something ere' let me be probehtic in my vision and my words but i was not seeing anything. so i felt a little bit, like i was not seeing God but when i prayed for people who had a real problem and needed healed now, i felt that God was letting me make a choice, i could sit and wait or i could pray for things that needed it...

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